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  • LostInRiverview

    Last week's announcement of The Sims 4: City Living left a lot of unanswered questions about how our Sims would live in this new city. Luckily, over the last couple days more information has come out regarding the function of apartments in City Living.

    Apartments vs penthouses

    City Living seems to be walking a line between The Sims 2: Apartment Life and The Sims 3: Late Night with its handling of apartments, by offering both apartments and penthouses. Apartments are part of a larger "apartment shell" building, and up to four apartment units can be part of a single building


    The Sims team has released a trailer, detailing many of the new features in apartments in City Living. Take a look:

    As always, we are on the lookout for more information abou…

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  • LostInRiverview

    I've been a member of The Sims Wiki for over seven years. In that span of time, I've seen many many editors come and go, many administrator promotions and retirements, so many new game releases, numerous wiki themes, and much more. The wiki is an always-changing, always-evolving thing, even if we cannot perceive its evolution on a day-to-day basis. Up to now, these changes have been incremental and predictable, and driven largely by the community of editors and administrators we have here, and not necessarily by outside influence (except when Wikia decides to force out a new "feature" or a new wiki skin). As the wiki has changed, we've adapted along with it, and along the way we've worked to improve upon our foundations.

    Up to now, our focu…

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  • LostInRiverview

    As time marches forward, editors to The Sims Wiki come and go. Some editors make only a few changes before they vanish, never to be heard from again. Others may spend months or years improving the wiki before slipping into their own quiet retirement. Still others may work on the wiki, but with less and less passion and involvement until, one day, they simply aren't there anymore. These things are true of regular users, and also of administrators and bureaucrats. The disappearance or retirement of these users is especially notable because of the tools they possess that regular users do not, and because administrators usually are a part of the backbone of the wiki community. The absence of a once-active admin is very often noticed, not becau…

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  • LostInRiverview

    February 28, 2016

    I have been working on changing the layout and appearance of the Main Page, including the addition of a couple new features. You can see the most recent version of my modifications by going here. Below, I will go into more detail about the most significant changes.

    Content links

    The most immediately obvious change is the addition of the "Contents" buttons. These are twelve clickable buttons that link to various wiki Categories (except the Game Guides button, which links to the Game Guides Portal). My idea is that each of these categories will serve as "quasi-portals," each with their own customized layout to help direct traffic deeper into the wiki. The overall goal is to make navigating from the main page to specific articl…

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  • LostInRiverview
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