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Users on The Sims Wiki may notice that certain actions - editing pages, leaving messages on talk pages, leaving comments on blog postings, etc. - are now allowing users to receive "badges." These badges are related to an optional Wikia 'Achievements' feature, which The Sims Wiki had previously decided not to implement.

Dharden contacted Wikia about the implemented feature, and their response in its entirety can be viewed on this blog posting. Essentially, Wikia staff activated the feature because a sponsor company had purchased a premium achievement. In most cases this would not be an issue, since many wikis have already activated achievements. However, since The Sims Wiki decided to opt out of the program, the activation of the feature was a mistake. However, Wikia is under contract until November 21 to continue the feature, so The Sims Wiki is obligated to continue the badges system until then.

This was not a case of Wikia "going behind our backs" or forcing a feature on us; this was a mistake that Wikia staff has formally admitted to. According to their response, the feature can be disabled after the contract ends on November 21. To view the Leaderboard, go here.

Edit: There is now a space on the Community Portal talk page set aside for discussion. Please go here and give your opinion so that a decision can be made as to whether this feature will remain.

Other News

New Skin Update

We are less than two weeks from the full permanent implementation of the new skin. If you still want to edit in Monaco (until November 3, 2010), click here - you must be registered with Wikia in order to switch skins. Information is still available at The Sims Wiki:New skin, and discussion is still open on the talk page about implementation, organization and style.

-- LostInRiverview talk · blog 23:16, October 25, 2010 (UTC)

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