OK, it is with great trepidation that I begin this post. In light of all that has happened over the past couple days, I'm afraid that bringing up these matters could spark more conflict. At this moment, more conflict is absolutely the last think I want or the last thing that we need as a community. However, I don't think it does us any good to ignore the last couple days; our best option is to sort out all that has happened and move on together.

Where do we begin?

For starters, I would very greatly appreciate everyone keeping an open mind and avoiding pointing fingers, either in starting this drama or in their actions during the incident. I want everyone to realize that we all share the blame in what occurred. But instead of feeling guilty or ashamed, we should be resolute in moving forward.

I understand that some users may wish to pretend that the past two days never happened. I wish they hadn't as well, but it does us no good to shove these skeletons back into the closet. Pretending the issue isn't there only sets us up to repeat this sooner or later. The best way to ensure it never happens again is to accept that it did, and decide that we will be determined in fixing these problems.

What problems?

It's not solely my place to say where our problems lie, but they obviously exist because the evidence is plain to see. Determining the issues and finding a way to fix them will be a challenge, but if we are focused on it and not afraid to tackle it, I know it can be done.

The specific incidents of the last couple days stem from this forum thread, wherein it was proposed that a chat bot be added to the Chat channel. Discussion of this proposal spilled over onto the channel itself (and also the IRC Channel) and soon became heated, with both sides arguing for or against the proposal. Tempers got the best of many people, and things were said which should not have been said.

Upon later conversation with many of the people involved in this drama, there has been a general expression of regret for participating in the quarrel or in perpetuating it. I myself share that regret, and have apologized and continue to apologize for my hand in the drama. As I said, no one who was around and involved yesterday is truly without blame. I feel that there is the will to take this situation and move on in a positive manner. I feel that we as a community wish it to be so. We do not want to dwell on what has happened or place blame on others or place too much blame on ourselves.

Let's move on. Let's be civil and accept that we have some work to do. Let's speak to each other as equals and without malice. Let's begin to heal.

Thank you for reading,

LostInRiverview talk ~ blog 23:21, August 4, 2013 (UTC)