I've noticed that there are sections in a number of articles that need a little expansion. In these cases, it's best to mark them as stubs, but this doesn't satisfy me, especially since the stub template states that the entire article needs expansion, not simply one section. I've tried finding a template that addressed this, but to no avail. Therefore, I'm looking into creating my own template, one that would be used on individual article sections to highlight sections requiring expansion.

The wording of the template might be something like this:

This section of the article is missing information. You can help The Sims Wiki by expanding it.

This will be interesting, since I've never made a template before. I think the most logical "tag" for the template would be { {section-stub} } or { {expand} }.

If you can offer any help, assistance, advice, criticism, or ideas, it is most appreciated. I will be creating a page at User:LostInRiverview/Expand to work on this template. Stop by there to offer me a hand if you wish!

Thanks for reading!

- This has now been completed. View Template:Expand to see the template. 13:25, June 19, 2010 (UTC) Blog posts]] Blog posts by LostInRiverview|Blog posts by LostInRiverview]]