Deletion of Player Theories pages

Theories pages exist for some articles, detailing how and why certain elements of the game exist - for example, Bella Goth/theories discusses how and why Bella Goth is absent in The Sims 2. Player theories were devised by the players themselves based on clues within the game, or simply by guessing.

Recently, a discussion was held to determine whether player theories pages should be deleted. The main arguments in favor of deletion were that the theories are difficult to moderate, often contain entries which violate policies, and are often very poorly-written. The discussion ultimately resulted in a vote, wherein it was decided that the pages would be deleted.

However, the discussion and vote itself did not gain much attention, and was not voted on at all by non-administrators. The deletion of a wiki feature, like theories, depends on the consent of the community. Despite a unanimous vote from the administrators, a clear consensus doesn't exist at this time. Certainly it can be argued that it is the responsibility of users to engage in discussions. It could also be said, however, that the administrators (myself included) didn't do a great job of announcing this discussion ahead of time.

With all this in mind, rather than enact the results of the vote that was held, the discussion to delete theories has been restarted. First and foremost, it is important to make sure the voices of the community are heard, and that community members (especially non-administrators) have an ample opportunity to participate. Also, with a feature like theories, we should ensure that deletion is backed by more than just the administrative team. Finally, it's worth stating that there is no harm done in keeping the discussion going for a few more weeks, and the benefit we stand to receive - a community consensus on the issue - is worth it.

What does this mean to me?

If you edit the wiki and are interested in reading or adding player theories, you should go to this forum thread and voice your support for this feature. By contrast, if you don't think we should keep the theories, for whatever reasons, please make sure to go to the thread and express your support for their deletion. The decision ultimately rests with you, but you have to speak up in order to be heard!

Ultimately, the matter may come to a vote again. If that happens, the administrative team will be sure to make stronger efforts to keep the community informed. In the meantime, be sure to participate in the discussion, and watch for updates in the Weekly News blogs.

-- LostInRiverview talk ~ blog 15:30, October 25, 2013 (UTC)