So I've been trying to generate some discussion about the wiki's editor 'drought' on The Community Portal talk page in an attempt to get some ideas. While I don't necessarily want to jump to a conclusion as to why this decrease is happening on that page, I am not opposed to hypothesizing on my own blog about the reason. While it could be just a general decrease in activity due to the time of year, to maybe a decrease in popularity of the series, or of a lack of updates, or to just an unfortunate set of circumstances, I have one thought as to why we are losing activity.

I think it's all about the skin.

I hate to jump to that point since up to now I've defended the skin and have even spoken against the idea of moving the wiki in the past when the new skin was being implemented. But, since the decline in activity here has corresponded to the time in which the new skin has been mandatory (unless manually switched to Monobook), I can't really reach any other conclusion.

So... and with great hesitation, I have to consider whether we would be better off moving out of Wikia.


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