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Hello wiki users and readers! There are a few things happening on the wiki now and in the upcoming weeks that should probably be highlighted. These are in no particular order.


There are a number of discussions and votes occurring around the wiki. While any person may participate in a discussion, remember that only registered users can vote in "official" Wiki matters. For more information on this, please see the policies on voting. The following are discussions and votes occurring presently:

  • Vote on whether SimsVille should be deleted - Ends in - August 1, 2010 at Midnight (UTC). Vote is occurring here.
  • Discussion of whether permanently-blocked (banned) users' pages should be deleted. Discussion is occurring here.
  • Discussion on a possible new "Did You Know" feature to be added to the Wiki. Discussion is occurring here.
Update: Did You Know (DYK) is moving into "pre-release," but more suggestions for DYKs are needed! Submit your ideas on the DYK discussion page.
  • Discussion on whether administrators that are inactive for a long period of time should have their administrator privileges suspended or removed. Discussion is occurring here.

5,000 Articles

As you may have noticed, The Sims Wiki is getting very close to surpassing the five thousand article milestone! While this is an exciting time, the admin team would like to remind everyone that it's important that the articles that he have are of a good quality. Please don't create articles just for the purpose of pushing the Wiki over 5k, but instead be sure that all articles written are written well and are about meaningful content. For more information on the more festive side of this milestone, check out this page.

New Games!

Late Night

New information was revealed about Late Night during yesterday's "twitterview" with Grant Rodiek, one of the producers of the game. A complete transcript of the tweets, as well as a quick factsheet, have been compiled by Duskey for your reading pleasure. During the Twitterview, Grant confirmed a worldwide release date of October 26, 2010 for Late Night... it looks like The Sims 3 is getting Vampires for Halloween!


On the subject of new games, the Late Night Portal and Fast Lane Stuff Portal have been debuted. These portals aim to make finding information regarding the games, faster and easier. If there is something related to either Late Night or Fast Lane Stuff, feel free to add it to its respective portal. Additional thanks go to Duskey for putting some time into making the portals.

Edit: To see all portals go to Category:Portals.

Please Cite your Sources

The Sims 3: Late Night expansion was recently announced (July 20), and The Sims 3: Fast Lane Stuff pack was announced earlier less than a month ago (June 28). This is just a friendly reminder that information added to these pages must be properly sourced, or it may be removed. This rule is being enforced especially on these two games, and will be enforced on any other games that may be announced.

August Featured Article Voting

There is currently a 2-way tie for which article on the Wiki will become August's Featured Article. If you haven't voted yet, head on over to the voting page and (maybe) help break the tie!

Feel free to drop a comment below. To read older news postings, click here.
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