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Hello wikians! Based on a recent administrative discussion (visible here), it has been decided that rollbackers will now be allowed to use the {{Warning}} template.

Up to this point, rules prohibited non-administrators from issuing warnings using the templated Warning message. Non-admins could "warn" users, but the messages had to be manually written and could not threaten any action against the user. Based on the administrative discussion, it was decided that users with rollback rights should be allowed to issue warnings to users, with a couple limitations.

The warning template has three "levels," which determine the strength of the warning text itself - level 1, level 2, and level 3. While administrators may use any of the levels as necessary, rollbackers will not be allowed to issue level 3 warnings to any user. We strongly encourage rollbackers to use the level 1 warnings, as those warnings tend to assume good faith on the part of the editors. However, if an editor has ignored a level 1 warning, rollbackers are permitted to issue level 2 warnings, though the rollbacker should also notify an administrator about the user's edits.

As rollbackers, remember that you have been given a tool which non-rollbackers do not have. In using the warning template, we are putting faith in you to use discretion with the issuance of warnings. Note that abuse of these privileges may result in the loss of these privileges for you, or for all rollbackers. The key principle to remember is that most edits to the wiki - even ones which have a negative impact - are intended in good faith, and those users should not be given stern warnings for unintentional mistakes.

If any rollback users have any questions about the {{Warning}} template or how to use it, or about the limitations expressed here, or about anything else, please contact a member of the administrative team.

Thanks! -- LostInRiverview talk ~ blog 22:47, November 4, 2013 (UTC)