It's hard to believe that 2010 has come and gone already! I know I speak for many of us here in saying that we are very happy with how our wiki has improved in 2010, and are looking forward to all the awesome changes in store in 2011! That being said, We have a few announcements and such.

New Community Portal

Everyone should be sure to take a look at the newly-redesigned Community Portal! The Community Portal has been completely re-organized to serve as the community hub of The Sims Wiki. Go there for community contests, news, discussions and much more! A special thanks to our Community Director BobNewbie for all the hard work he put into the redesign; it would not have been possible without him!

The Sims Wiki Newsletter is returning

The Sims Wiki's Newsletter is set to be 'published' around mid-January. Since we're essentially starting from scratch, we can use all the help we can get! If you have an idea for a story to write or a topic we should cover, make a suggestion here; all ideas will be considered, and if your work is used in the newsletter you will receive credit. If you want to help design the layout and appearance of the Newsletter, get in contact with BobNewbie, the lead designer. Expect the first issue of the 2011 Newsletter to be public on or around January 15, 2011!

Fanon namespace discussion

A major change may be coming to The Sims Wiki in the coming months. Consensus is being sought on a proposal to create a Fanon namespace on The Sims Wiki, for The Sims players to create pages about Sims, families and neighborhoods that they have created in their game and to tell stories about them. If the community agrees to this idea, work will begin soon afterward on creating a new Fanon namespace and Fanon Portal, and in the creation of new Fanon-related templates, categories and rules. This is a major discussion, and opinions are still needed! If you have not given your opinion on the matter yet, please do so! The discussion is likely to remain open for at least another week at the least, but why wait?

Animated sims plumbbob
On behalf of all the admins here at The Sims Wiki, I want to give my deepest thanks to all the readers and contributors to The Sims Wiki. Thank you for making TSW the #1 resource for The Sims information, and thank you for making TSW a fun, exciting and cooperative community! This wiki has grown and improved by leaps and bounds during 2010 - let's keep it up in 2011!
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