Here's a quick news update for you all. If you have any other things which should be added to this news update, please contact me and I'll take care of it.

Comments in Fanon Namespace

Wikia has activated article comments in the Fanon Namespace for us, after a discussion was held on the Fanon Portal talk page in support of the feature. Article comments are on a trial basis there, and their permanent place on fanon articles will be determined by later community consensus.

Opening Position Nominations and Requests

The Administratorship request, Fanon Administratorship request, and Bureaucrat nomination pages are all going to be opened up to applications/nominations. This is due to a decrease in activity in some administrators and bureaucrats, and to ensure that capable users are able to seek these positions. Note that Administrator or Fanon Administrator applicants need rollback rights prior to application, and that Bureaucrat nominees must already be administrators before being nominated. Also note that final decisions rest with Bureaucrats, and community input for Administrator or Fanon Administrator applications is not meant to be a vote for or against a particular applicant.

Merging of Fanon Administrators and Administrators

A discussion will be held regarding a possible combination of the Administrators and Fanon Administrators, and a mechanism to ensure that we still have administrators managing the Fanon Namespace. If a merge should occur, current Fanon Administrators would become Administrators, and any outstanding Fanon Administrator applications would be moved over to regular Administrator applications with emphasis on Fanon management. See the Community Portal talk page for more information.

Other News

  • The Community Portal talk page has been archived again. If you want to discuss a matter that has been archived, start a new section on the Community Portal talk page and make a link to the previous discussion.
  • Voting for the Fanon Logo Contest continues through the end of May. If you haven't yet, go vote.
  • The Sims 3: Generations expansion pack ships in two weeks!

Happy Simming!

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