Monthly Question - June 2014
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Welcome to the The Sims Wiki Monthly Question blog! Each month, we'll be asking you an in-depth opinion question about The Sims series, and we want your answers! Give us your opinions, ideas, complaints, or whatever else is on your mind, related to the question asked.

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This month's Question

As of the time of this post, an official release date for The Sims 4 still has not been announced, but we are starting to learn more about what the game will be like when it finally is released. There have been countless questions about features from previous games or expansion packs and whether they'll be appearing in the TS4 base game or not, and the producers of The Sims 4 have been upfront about some features being part of the base game or not. On top of this, the producers have been making sure to highlight the new and improved features in the game - a more intuitive Create a Sim, an easier-to-use Build Mode, Sims being able to multitask, and Sims having emotional depth. As we approach the eventual release date, we'll find out a lot more about these new features, and get a better sense of what past features will be making an appearance once again in The Sims 4. The more we discover, however, the more opinions will likely change about the game. Some people will see all that is being lost and have doubts over whether they really want to get The Sims 4, or may wish that some features in the game could be changed in some way. So, we're asking:

If you could add, change, or completely remove a single feature from The Sims 4, what would it be?

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Last month's question

Last month, we asked you if you think The Sims games are too easy or too difficult. Be sure to check out the blog post to read all the comments.

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