Monthly Question - September 2014
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Welcome to the The Sims Wiki Monthly Question blog! Each month, we'll be asking you an in-depth opinion question about The Sims series, and we want your answers! Give us your opinions, ideas, complaints, or whatever else is on your mind, related to the question asked.

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This month's Question

The Sims 4 is out this month. This month the question is split in two. For those of you who do not have The Sims 4 (yet), we have our first question:

Will you get The Sims 4? Why or why not?

Alternatively, some people already have gotten The Sims 4. For you, there is an alternate question:

Do you like The Sims 4? Why or why not?

Last month's Question

Last month, we asked you what expansion pack theme or idea that has been previously produced should not be brought back for The Sims 4. We had a four-way tie with three plumbbobs apiece for these comments:

DanPin said:

Fame-oriented EPs, in the vein of Superstar or Showtime, which got old really fast and are better off left out. A reputation system like the one found in Apartment Life or even the celebrity status from Late Night are acceptable in my opinion, since they weren't the main focus of their respective expansion pack and thus more tolerable, in my opinion.

LostInRiverview said:

I think if they release another standalone Pets expansion pack, it will be a slap in the face to all their loyal fans. Not only would it show just how money-hungry they are, it would also be the third time in a row that they've done it. I would much rather they introduce pets as part of another expansion pack or another theme, similar to how they handled Magic in The Sims 2 by adding it to Apartment Life. Perhaps they could bundle the "generations-type" expansion and "pets-type" expansion into one and call it "The Sims 4: Family Fun" expansion or something corny like that. Or else, introduce a farming and livestock-themed expansion that also includes dogs, cats and horses. But honestly, If there's "The Sims 4: Pets" with nothing else of substance in the pack, I may projectile vomit at my computer screen.

WayfinderOwl said:

Into The Future. It was cool and all, and had potential, but the game fell short of that. It was kinda silly that the whole future hinged on the actions of one sim. I felt it would have been better suited for a game like Sims 2. Because, with the actions of various households, it could change the course of the future that way. From what I've seen with info of TS4, it would be even worse than the TS3 version.

Xxgreenbunnyxx said:

The Vacation and adventure expansions should NOT be seperate but instead together.

E.G Bon Voyage instead of having both World Adventures + Island Paradise

LostInRiverview talk ~ blog 04:26, September 1, 2014 (UTC)

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