First things first, I've created a Contest for voting on favorite traits - if you're reading this, you should go here and participate; the rules are on the contest page, so it's really simple! There's no time limit, but I need lots of interest and contributors to get it up and running. Thanks!

New Idea

I've also been mulling over a feature I've seen on a few other Wikis, and one I think would be really beneficial for this one: an Editor of the Month feature. Here's how I see it working:

The Basics

A page is created allowing users (or Admins/Sysops/etc) to nominate editors who have done lots of work for the Wiki, have contributed lots of quality material to the Wiki, have been really helpful to users, have helped work on lots of incomplete articles, or have made quality contributions to the Sims community at-large. These nominations would carry over indefinitely (unless an editor retires, removes their account, or is banned/blocked - in the case of a temporary or less-than-permanent block, a blocked editor wouldn't be eligible until their block expired), and would work much like the Featured Article feature - one vote per user, and that vote would stand until enough built up to create a winner. To prevent bigheadedness, there would be a rule against voting for yourself, but you could vote for virtually anyone else (as long as they are registered and have made edits on the wiki, and aren't banned or presently blocked, and haven't won recently).

Winners would get their name placed on the main page along with a brief description of their contributions and would receive an award image on their userpage. A winner would be ineligible to be nominated or to win again for 12 months, to prevent repeat winners.


What do you think of this idea? Leave a comment attached to this post, or visit my talk page and tell me what you think!

Puzzle Time!

To close out this posting (my first one) I'll leave a bit of a puzzle. This puzzle can also be found on my user page - answers should be left on my talk page - good luck!

Two old friends meet up in a restaurant over drinks of cold iced tea. The waiter delivers two teas, and the friends start drinking. The first friend is very thirsty and drinks his tea quickly. The second friend is there more to chat, and drinks his tea very slowly, enjoying the conversation. The second friend finishes their drink, then suddently drops to the floor, dead. Both drinks were exactly the same in every way - how did the second person die when the first did not?

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