We've had a few recent developments you should all be aware of. Relating to in-game news, please be sure to read this news posting regarding EA's "Super Secret" Facebook event. Otherwise, here's the news!

Staff News

Due to our Inactive admin policy, administrator Matta jr's administrative rights have been suspended. Administrator Bayoubash was inactive as well, but he has since come to the wiki and has formally retired from the wiki, thus suspending his administrator privileges as well. Finally, administrator JEA13 has taken an extended break from TSW and has voluntarily suspended his administrator privileges as well.

All this activity has led to the decision to re-open the Requests for administratorship page to new candidates. This means if you're interested in serving this wiki as an administrator, here's your shot! Be sure to check the request page for prerequisites to requesting administratorship - the major one is that you must already be a rollbacker to be eligible.

Additionally, two of the Wiki's special positions; Forum Moderator and IRC Contact, have been filled by DarthCookie and GeorgieGibbons, respectively. Be aware that the page is still open to requests for Ombudsman positions, as well as additional Forum Moderator positions (we can have multiple Forum Moderators). If you are interested in taking on these positions, please apply here!

IRC Channel Move

In a related story, The Sims Wiki's IRC Channel has moved from #the_sims to #wikia-sims within the Freenode network. This is due in part to GeorgieGibbons taking over as the channel contact; Freenode staff cannot make GeorgieGibbons in charge of #the_sims since it is not within the wikia network. This move is taking effect immediately; all traffic which directs to #the_sims will be redirected to #wikia-sims instead.

If you are an administrator or bureaucrat on this wiki, be sure to talk to GeorgieGibbons to request +v and +o status on the IRC channel. For any users who have never used an IRC before, be sure to come by and get it a try; we have a lot of fun!

Be sure to stay posted on other news on the wiki. We've also got a few discussions on the The Sims Wiki talk:Community Portal that everyone should check out; be sure to give your input on these initiatives!

Cheers! -- LostInRiverview talk · blog 17:46, March 27, 2011 (UTC)

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