New Unreleased Games Policy
Hello everyone! Recently a policy proposal was made to formally create rules governing Unreleased Games. This policy would broadly cover rumored (i.e. unconfirmed) games, as well as confirmed games that have not been released yet. After community discussion, a consensus was reached in favor of adopting the policy. Therefore, The Sims Wiki's Unreleased Games Policy is now in effect.

The policy is divided into two areas - rumored and unconfirmed games, and confirmed but unreleased games.

Rumored/Unconfirmed games, rules of thumb
  • Rumored games can only be listed on The Sims game rumors. You cannot create pages for rumored games elsewhere.
  • Rumors must come from reputable Sims-oriented websites, excluding forums.
  • Only a confirmation from EA (see the full policy for explanation of this) can serve as official confirmation of a rumored game.
Unreleased games, rules of thumb
  • An article about a confirmed but unreleased game must link to a source of official confirmation, or the article will be deleted.
  • Any claims that a game contains certain features (including objects, careers, skills, families, etc) must link to a Sims-themed or EA source indicating that it is true. Posts on forums do not serve as reputable sources.
  • Any claims added lacking proof that they are true are to be removed immediately.

The text of the full policy can be found at The Sims Wiki:Unreleased Games Policy - I encourage you to read it if you plan on editing pages related to unreleased games. If you have any questions about the policy, its effects, or anything else, please contact me or another administrator.

Thank you for reading, and happy Simming!

-- LostInRiverview talk ~ blog 03:20, January 29, 2013 (UTC)