Alright folks, GEORGIEGIBBONS is busy with real life, so I'm going to fill in as substitute event planner for October!

We've got birthdays aplenty in October, so be sure to give a very special message to those users! Aside from that, I figure there are a few things we could try and revive this month, like User Created Contests, so I figure we'd try and organize a week for contests. If you have any ideas for community events in future months, leave a comment below!

Events for October 2012
Other stuff
-Sim- Died
We've got a ton of stuff that needs to be discussed over on the Community Portal talk page, as well as elsewhere. In no particular order, they are:

Please keep in mind, all these discussions are completely open to everyone! We encourage and we **need** the input of regular TSW contributors! These discussions are what help us as a community make the decisions that impact the future of the wiki - decisions like whether to activate or deactivate Wiki Chat, whether or not to delete Player Stories, whether administrators should be voted on. These discussions matter, and as a member of The Sims Wiki, your opinion matters too! In fact, your opinion is just as important as the opinion of anyone else, even administrators and bureaucrats. This is a wiki that we all build and run together, and in order to do that, all of us have to be involved in making these decisions. So please, take a few minutes to look at the Community Portal talk page and weigh in on these important conversations, or start one of your own.

Have a great October! - LiR speak ~ read 07:46, October 3, 2012 (UTC)

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