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Hello Wikians! There are a number of recent developments on the wiki that you ought to be aware of, and a number of conversations happening that need your input!

Random Ranaun Nominated for Bureaucrat

Random Ranaun (talk · contribs · editcount · block · modify rights · logs · block log) has been nominated for a Bureaucrat position, and his nomination is currently up for a vote here. Please be sure to read the rules for voting before casting your vote. The vote closes in - go vote!

Administrative positions open

If you are currently a rollbacker, and feel you are a strong member of the TSW community, then you can file an application for an administratorship or fanon administratorship position on the wiki. With many administrators being absent or inactive, we need experienced wiki editors and community members to help us continue to help and grow the wiki. Requests for administratorship should be filed on this page, while requests for fanon administratorship should be made here. Note that there are no strict minimum requirements for edit count, but having rollback is a mandatory prerequisite, and fanon administrator applicants should have experience or interest in editing in the Fanon namespace.

Newsletter looking for columnists!

If you have a knack for writing, and want to flex your authorial muscles on talking about a particular aspect of The Sims Wiki, The Sims series of games, The Sims internet fan community, or something related, then the Sims Wiki Newsletter is looking for your input! As well, with the release of Generations, the Newsletter is open to anyone who is willing to write up a game review! If you're interested in submitting a column for the June Newsletter, or in becoming a regular contributor to the Newsletter, please contact BobNewbie(talk) for more information. Your opinions, contributions and content are greatly appreciated!

Important discussions

There are a number of ongoing discussions and proposals on the Community Portal talk page and elsewhere. Here is a listing of current discussions:

On the Comm. Portal talk page
Policy proposals

Many important discussions as of late have been lost or have not been completed, either because they have been lost or forgotten. Please take just a few minutes now to give your input, and be sure to keep up-to-date on discussions on the Wiki, so that we may prevent too many discussions from being abandoned.

Get Involved!

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