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Well, I think we could have seen this coming about a mile away... it looks incredibly likely that The Sims Studio team is about to announce a new expansion pack - maybe it's that one we've been hearing about forever. Or, maybe what makes this announcement incredible is the announcement of two games at once!? Hmm.... I wonder what other rumored game with a very authentic-looking trailer they might be thinking of announcing...

The team is playing this coy, and they're not letting slip exactly what their super-secret event is about yet. The users on the facebook event, however, don't seem fooled, and personally neither am I!

Well, I shall sit here pondering these latest developments, but not before I give you this link to the Facebook event (courtesy of Zeldie aka Seotheria) - . Rest assured that The Sims Wiki will have members at this event as well, ready to document all the developments!

Also, there's a HUGE sale going on at the EA store - 33% off The Sims 3 and any of its expansion or stuff packs, for those of you who haven't bought all of them yet. The caveats; the sale only applies this weekend, only in the United States and Canada, and only on digital downloads, not physical purchases. Take this link to go shopping!

Happy Simming!

- LostInRiverview talk · blog 05:26, March 27, 2011 (UTC)

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