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Week of January 23rd, 2014

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It's news time again! Let's see what's happening this week. (Spoiler alert - Not much...)

Sims news

Premium Content price drop. EA has dropped the prices on some pieces of Premium Content in The Sims 3 Store. You can find out more on

New Venue incoming. The Sims Studio is releasing a new downloadable venue, and it looks like it's going to be related to glass blowing. We'll have to pay more attention to this as the SimGurus release more information!

Wiki news

As usual, we have wiki discussions that need input from you!

As always, we're looking for our readers and editors to take a more active role in leading the wiki. Why not start a discussion about something on the wiki, or apply for additional user rights? We appreciate any time and energy you can put into the project!


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