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Week of August 25, 2014

We're a week away from the launch of The Sims 4! Are you excited?

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Reviewers will not be given early access to TS4

Dan Stapleton, a reviewer and executive director at IGN issued a statement via Twitter; "Looks like there'll be no The Sims 4 reviews until after it's out. EA tells me no one's getting access ahead of release. I'm nervous." EA has not given a definite reason for disallowing early review. However, the gaming community often perceives a lack of reviews prior to launch as a sign that a game is flawed or bad, and that the publisher is trying to avoid loss of sales by preventing bad publicity ahead of release. However, others have stated that Sims games in particular are hard to judge at face value, and reviewers are tempted to quickly review a game and write up a review without playing the game in-depth. Ultimately, we'll know one way or another once the game launches.

The Sims 4 release schedule

For those players who are ordering the game via Origin, EA has issued a worldwide release schedule. Go here to see when TS4 will release in your region.

The Sims 4 launch trailer

EA has released the official "launch trailer" for The Sims 4. Take a look!

The Sims 4 Official Launch Trailer

The Sims 4 Official Launch Trailer

The Sims Wiki News

New administrator

Beds, a long-time user on The Sims Wiki, has been promoted to administrator. Congratulations! Remember that we are always looking for new rollbackers and administrators; if you've met our qualifications and want to help out, please apply!

Current discussions

As always, there are a number of discussions going on in the community discussions forum that need your input. Please weigh in on the following:


Do you believe that The Sims 4 will be a good game?

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