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Week of July 25th, 2013  

Woah, apparently it's Thursday again. Time for the news!

Sims News

  • The Sims 4's big reveal at Gamescom. Maxis has given us a couple dates regarding the reveal for The Sims 4 at the upcoming Gamescom convention. On August 20th, we will get a sneak peek at the game, and on August 22nd there will be a live stream of the game itself. No specific times have been published yet, though it is worth noting that Gamescom takes place in Germany. It looks like good news for European Sims fans, who will be able to catch these events during the daytime; simmers in North America might have to wake up pretty early to participate.
  • Into the Future and Movie Stuff available for pre-order on Origin. Both games have been made available on EA's Origin game service. Movie Stuff has release dates of September 10th (North America) and 13th (UK), and Into the Future has release dates of October 22nd (No.Am.) and 25th (UK).
  • EA exec confirms that TS4 is single-player because of SimCity. Frank Gibeau, the President of EA Labels, confirms what many already assumed to be true - The Sims 4 is being released as a single-player game due to the backlash from the botched release of SimCity. As Gibeau says, "We listened to the feedback on SimCity and decided that The Sims 4 would be built as a single-player, offline experience." You can read Gibeau's full interview with VentureBeat here.
  • Farewell TheQuxxn. The Sims community suffered a loss this past week, when well-known Simmer and YouTube contributor 'TheQuxxn' passed away due to an infection following a recent surgery. Her passage has been felt all across the community. We at The Sims Wiki wish to express our sympathy for her family, friends and fans for the loss.

Wiki News

  • Project of the Month update: We've got about a week left in the month of July, and July's project is going well! We've had a lot of users help with cleaning up our files and images, including deleting unused images and renaming poorly-named images. There's still plenty to clean up, so go ahead and get involved!
  • Community Discussions update: It has been quiet this week in the Community Discussions forum, but we have a few threads that still could use some input.


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