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It's a light week this week. Let's go!

"Sims Universe" news

  • Maxis delays Mac release of SimCity. Maxis had projected a release date of June 11 for the Mac version of SimCity (2013), but in an announcement from Kip Katsarelis, the release has been pushed back. Katsarelis stated that Maxis wants "to ensure the Mac is a great experience for our players." The game is now slated to release sometime in August
  • Time Travel E.P. is named. The hitherto "Untitled The Sims 3 Time Travel Expansion Pack" has finally been given a name by Maxis - The Sims 3: Into the Future. This name could be a not-so-subtle nod towards the future of the Sims franchise (ie. The Sims 4). Other than the name and general concept of the game, we still don't know much, including when it will release or much of what will be in it. Stay tuned!
  • The Sims 4 is not appearing at E3. Word got out for a few hours this week that The Sims 4 would be making an appearance at next week's E3 convention, much like The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 did in their respective E3s in the year prior to launch. However, EA later confirmed that TS4 would not be making an appearance at this year's E3. We'll see whether this is true, or whether it's just an attempt to make a "surprise" appearance - E3 this year runs from June 11th to 13th.

The Sims Wiki News

  • An Amendment to the Image and File Policy was passed. The addition to the policy regards minimum image quality rules, to ensure that images uploaded here are as good as they can be. The new rules can be read here.
  • The Sims Wiki, through our Facebook and Twitter pages, have started a The Sims 4 Wishlist! Anyone can add an item to this running list by using their personal Twitter account and including #TheSims4Wishlist on their tweet, or by posting on the TSW Facebook page. Hopefully we're lucky enough to get someone's attention at Maxis :p
  • Discussions. As usual, we have a couple items that need to be settled. Please take a moment and give your opinion!
    • Addressing issues with rights requests - This is an ongoing discussion that needs to be resolved soon! There are several ideas being talked about there, so be sure to weigh in!
    • YouTube channel - We are discussing possible uses for The Sims Wiki's YouTube Channel. Be sure to stop by and give ideas!


A while ago, the wiki would have a monthly project called Clean Up of the Month (CUotM). This would be a volunteering opportunity, where users would assist the wiki in cleaning up a particular area of the wiki, such as a certain category, type of page, or otherwise. CUotM was dropped at some point in the past, but there are still several projects that could stand to be highlighted.

You can help us decide whether there's interest in bringing this feature back, by answering the following poll question.

Do you think CUotM or a "monthly project" should be re-started?

The poll was created at 23:22 on June 6, 2013, and so far 19 people voted.

I hope you enjoyed my writing of the weekly news this month. Let me know if I've forgotten anything important!

-- LostInRiverview talk ~ blog 23:25, June 6, 2013 (UTC)

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