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Week of October 6, 2014

We've got some exciting news to share this week. Let's not delay!

The Sims news

5th Patch for The Sims 4

On October 1, the fifth patch for The Sims 4 was released. This game update is the most extensive one to The Sims 4 to date. Specifically, this patch re-introduces ghosts to The Sims!

Ghosts in The Sims 4 behave largely the same as in The Sims 3. They start off as Non-playable characters (NPCs) that haunt their grave sites. They can be befriended by living Sims and eventually asked to move into the Sim's household. Like in The Sims 3, ghost Sims can be fed a dish of ambrosia to bring them back to life.

Halloween content

The Sims team seems to be playing into a Halloween theme this month. In the same update that included ghosts, Maxis has also introduced new (free) content to The Sims 4. Specifically, a new gnome has been introduced, as well as new eye colors for use in Create a Sim, and new Star Wars-themed wearable Sim costumes.

New content announcements

In addition to this week's return of ghosts, Maxis has announced some other major upcoming additions to The Sims 4. Maxis has confirmed that swimming pools will be added to The Sims 4 in a free game update next month, and December will feature new careers. Expect more news about these features in the near future!

The Sims Wiki news

So many discussions!

As usual, the Community Discussions Forum is open and waiting for your input on a number of issues relevant to The Sims Wiki. Please take some time and respond to these issues:

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