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Week of February 7, 2016

Welcome to this week's news blog! I've decided to give K6ka a break and take over for a bit. Hopefully I still remember how to write these!

The Sims News
The Sims 4 update 30 brings back some old favorites

As written about in this blog, February 4 marked sixteen years since the beginning of The Sims series! To celebrate this, EA has re-introduced some features in the most recent update for The Sims 4. The update includes a new Tragic Clown picture from The Sims, the Grilled Cheese aspiration from The Sims 2: Nightlife, and the kleptomaniac trait from The Sims 3. The update also, at long last, brings back the Gardener NPC to tend your Sims' gardens!

Always remember to uninstall all mods and custom content before installing a patch, and to run the game at least once without your mods and custom content after installing a patch.

Romantic Garden Stuff coming soon

Releasing just in time for Valentine's Day is the sixth stuff pack for The Sims 4, Romantic Garden Stuff. The stuff pack will include new garden plants, decorative objects, and outdoors-themed furniture. The stuff pack will also include two new "gameplay objects": the "Fountain of Gluteus Maximus", and the Whispering Wishing Well. As with other stuff packs, Romantic Garden Stuff will be available digital-only. It is set to release on February 9.

The Sims Wiki News
Happy anniversary to The Sims Wiki!

The anniversary of The Sims series comes just a couple days before the anniversary of The Sims Wiki itself. According to various sources, The Sims Wiki started on or around February 6, 2005, just two days after The Sims' fifth anniversary. That means that this year marks the eleventh anniversary of the founding of the wiki! Happy anniversary to everyone who has made this wiki so successful. Let's continue to work together to make the wiki strong and successful for many years to come!

Community discussions

It wouldn't be a weekly news blog without a list of current wiki discussions. As always, remember that these discussions, and other wiki discussions, are important and they need your input! Our discussions have been dead quiet the past few weeks, so please take a few moments to weigh in on these topics:

As always, if there is an issue you feel warrants further discussion, do not hesitate to start a new thread on the community discussions forum. Contact an administrator if you are unsure of whether or not something should be discussed, or unsure of how to start a discussion.

Featured article voting

We haven't had any new articles nominated for featured article status in quite a long time, and we don't have any articles waiting in the queue to be featured. If you know of an excellent article on the wiki, please nominate it for featured article status.

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Future of focus articles?

Over the past few months, we have been announcing weekly focus articles. These are articles that are in need of some improvement, though each article typically has different strengths and weaknesses. I have chosen not to select a new focus article this week, however, because the feature appears not to be very popular. Last week's focus article—Jewelry—hasn't received one single edit, even though presumably several people read last week's news blog. The focus article is an honest attempt to bring attention to struggling pages on the wiki and to help editors build their skills, especially new or inexperienced editors. However, if the feature is not going to be used, then it will be discontinued. Please let us know in the comments below whether you'd like for us to continue with focus articles and, if so, how we should improve the feature to encourage participation and improve the feature. If you feel this should be discontinued, please let us know of any ideas you may have for replacing it.

Thanks for reading. Happy anniversary, and keep on Simming! LiR talkblogcontribs 06:42, February 7, 2016 (UTC)

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