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I don't have anything clever to write here, so let's just get to the news.

Sims Universe News

This week has been the week of releases and we have plenty to talk about, starting with:

  • The Sims 3: University Life was released! For the first time in The Sims 3, Sims can pursue a higher education... or pursue a life of parties and friends. As far as this reporter is aware, no serious technical issues plagued the release of this expansion since, after all, this game is totally playable even if the player isn't connected to the internet. That's right! This game requires no: Unstable and overloaded servers that are often full; maintenance of a constant and unbreaking internet connection, or; massive boatloads of patience while players wait in a queue to join the aforementioned overloaded servers. Isn't it great, having a game that is (relatively) stable and useable right out of the box? Isn't it great having a game that you know will still be playable five, ten or fifteen years down the road?
  • The new SimCity was released, and some stuff happened.

Wiki News, and other stuff

Discussions-wise, the wiki has been quiet this week... too quiet. Remember, we're always open to discussing anything about the wiki!

  • Congrats to Cavia porcellus for coming up with the most popular proposed name for the Untitled The Sims 3 Time Travel Expansion Pack. Thanks to everyone who participated in the Name the Game! contest.
  • Lost Labyrinth has written a blog, discussing the direction of The Sims series and tying into recent events, including the disastrous SimCity release of this week. Certainly his blog post is not official wiki news, but it's worth a read anyways, if for no other reason than to spur discussion. The blog post can be read here.

If I forgot to mention anything important, don't hesitate to yell at me in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!

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