The proposal to create a Fanon Namespace on The Sims Wiki, and to allow Fanon content in that namespace, has completed a period designated to determine community support and consensus for the idea. Opinion towards the proposal was generally positive, and out of 14 people giving their opinion 11 were supportive or very supportive. However, measuring consensus is not the same as voting, and consensus cannot be provided by a simple majority vote, but through stronger support from the community. Consensus is not like a vote total; it can't be quantified and analyzed deeply, since everyone will have different opinions and different strength of support or opposition (or neutrality) towards an idea.

That being said, it seems apparent that strong support has been shown for the idea, enough to warrant our moving forward with the implementation of that Proposal. However, we still need involvement! The proposal itself is in large part what will guide the process going forward, but discussions about proposed rules, new ideas, an entirely new organizational system for the Fanon namespace, and the addition of new administrators will need real involvement. Even opponents to the proposal should consider this a golden opportunity; though we are moving forward, there is still ample time to have input and to have a positive impact on the end result; perhaps this input can even help alleviate some of the issues that were raised during the initial debate.

This process is not yet complete, but it has passed its first real test. And while it's clear that this idea is not universally supported, we hope that everyone - supporter or opponent - will help us get down to business, because there's lots of work to be done!

The timetable

Having received sufficient consensus, the proposal's timetable will kick in. The Administration team will keep the community up-to-date about how this process is moving along, and may change the timetable as needed.

  1. As soon as possible: Requests for administratorship will be opened to accept new Fanon Administrators. These new administrators, our current administrators, and the community will collaborate to write Fanon-specific policies.
  2. Within 4-6 weeks: The Fanon namespace templates and foundational categories and subcategories will be created.
  3. Within 6-8 weeks: The Fanon namespace itself, and the Fanon Portal will be created. TSW's current No-Fanon policy will expire. After this point, fanon will be allowed in the Fanon Namespace (but will not be allowed elsewhere).
  4. 8 weeks after adoption and beyond: Additional subcategories and templates will be created as needed. TSW Fanon-specific policies and guidelines will be reviewed by the Fanon Admins and the community.
Going Forward

Keep visiting the Community Portal talk page and check news postings for more information as things develop.

Happy Simming! -- LostInRiverview talk · blog 00:11, January 21, 2011 (UTC)

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