The Sims 4 gets a registered domain ahead of a "big announcement"!


I'm sure everyone has seen the rumours of "something big" happening tomorrow (6/5/13) as well as the supposed leaked images of TS4. Well it seems EA have only gone and registered a domain name for what could be TS4 and the domain is currently pointed to the same page as the main hub on the website for The Sims series.

I know pre-registering domains is a common fad in the industry, with "" being pointed to Valve's page for The Orange Box, while Ubisoft have apparently had "" registered since 2004, but with recent developments and apparent DNS modification the other day, this seems a little bit too convincing.

It's already strongly hinted that TS4 will have forced multiplayer and an always-on DRM system akin to SimCity - they seem to be appearing a bit too close together to day otherwise. Will the rumours prove true? Who knows?

So what does everyone think of what could be TS4? Are you ready for a TS4? What's your stance on always-on DRM? Feel free to comment and such.

Would TS4 having forced multiplayer and always-on DRM be a deal breaker for you?

The poll was created at 19:25 on May 5, 2013, and so far 154 people voted.

Until next time! Lost Labyrinth Flag united kingdom england (c)(b) 19:25, May 5, 2013 (UTC)

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