Lately there have been some changes, proposals and such. This blog shall round them up.

Requests for Bureaucratship is now open

RfB is now open as it has been noticed a few of our bureaucrats have become less active based on RL and whatnot. If you know an administrator (or yourself if you're an admin) that you think should be a bureaucrat, feel free to nominate them.

Reminder about Requests for Administratorship

I would also like to remind users, particularly rollbackers, that Requests for administratorship is open and we could do with some more admins. If you feel up to the task, why not apply?

The Fannies

A lengthy yet dried up discussion regarding the proposed fanon awards "ceremony" known as "The Fannies" (working title) was created. If you have any name suggestions, ideas on how it should be run etc. feel free to note them down.

Give some ideas to attract new users

A discussion has been created that allows users to share their suggestions on attracting new users and making them want to stick around long-term. Feel free to suggest whatever you feel would be a good suggestion.

Should one be allowed to nominate another on RfA?

A discussion has been created that addresses some flaws of the user rights voting system on the wiki and proposes that we make the nomination process for RfA the same as that of RfB. Be sure to drop by and give your input.

Any future suggestions?

Feel like I've missed something off this? Have a suggestion for something the community can do in the future? Feel free to comment this blog with your suggestions!

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