This blog is a mixture of news and opinions. According to Kotaku, EA are going 100% digital and ditching physical/retail distribution. For some people it can be more convenient but for others...not so much. Everyone going digital was going to happen sooner or later but it seems the world just isn't ready for it yet...

It's no secret that EA would do almost anything to make money (full disclosure: I know they need to make money to survive) and it's also no secret that people resent EA for their greed and arrogance. After all, they did win an award for Worst Company in America.

What I'm most interested in is how players of The Sims series see this. The Sims 3 is currently available via Steam and EA's own monopolizing pet project Origin and there may be some who have obtained their copy via these means but I'm guessing most of you installed from a disc.

From my own personal standpoint, it can be both convenient and not so convenient. If your internet is fast enough then it's handy (worked for me when downloading a 5GB game to my Xbox) but if it's not then...ouch. Plus if your hard drive gets filled up and you need to delete a game then you have to endure the horror of downloading it again. Happened to me with L.A. Noire on my PS3, which was 28.6GB. In short, I'm not against digital distribution if I have the disk space but if I don't or it's rather restricted then it can be on the negative side of things.

Obviously The Sims series isn't under threat from this but judging from Origin's SimCity pre-order prices, it's sure to burn a hole in your wallet and it's worse if you're data capped...

If you guys are planning on buying The Sims 4 then I hope you have superfast broadband.

What do you think about EA going digital-only and how does it affect your outlook on The Sims series in the future?

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