Hey guys!

There have been a few changes as of late, mostly in regards to community discussions. Here is a round-up of them:

Proposal to eliminate Player Stories

The proposal to eliminate Player Stories from The Sims Wiki is still open for discussion and has dried-up in recent weeks. Have something you want to say regarding this? It's not too late to voice your opinion!

Community input on Rollback requests

A review of how rollback requests are dealt with is open for discussion and has also dried up with no decision on how we're planning to move forward. If you have a suggestion, feel free to note it down.

Voting on a merge with The Sims Medieval Wiki

Another merge proposal regarding The Sims Medieval Wiki has been made and we're currently in the stage of voting on this. The vote can be found here and a final decision will be made once the majority of the community have voted in order for us to determine an outcome.

A proposal has been made in order to try and change the logo used on the newsletter. We're currently unsure how we're going to choose a new logo so feel free to make suggestions on how we move ahead with that.

Should we enable the Message Wall?

A proposal to enable the ill-dreaded Message Wall on The Sims Wiki has been made and requires community input.

Any future suggestions?

Feel like I've missed something off this? Have a suggestion for something the community can do in the future? Feel free to comment this blog with your suggestions!

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