It just takes a bit of getting used to as everyone fell in love with Monaco but after that, it is OK.

As the skin has just been implemented, there are likely to be problems with the skin. So far, while working on The Sims Medieval Wiki (as I am a sysop there), I found problems with the menu which I hope Wikia will fix.

In regards to the loading problems I have been reading about, for me they're not as bad as they used to be and I use Firefox. Using a lot of add-ons can cause problems with loading pages, particulary with lower end computers. My advice to those with loading problems is to run their internet browser with add-ons disabled (as add-ons can consume a lot of RAM).

Overall in my opinion, the skin is alright and the bugs are expected. I, as well as many others, hope that Wikia acknowledge the reported problems such as the loading problems and only the 1st four links on a menu showing up, so that they can be fixed soon.

GEORGIEGIBBONS talk contributions 20:19, October 7, 2010 (UTC)