Welcome to the July 2012 monthly events blog!

This is a pretty light month as I feel that IRC days/weekends have been somewhat overused and I've literally got no real idea of what to put. However as always, feel free to note down your suggestions in the comments section and who knows, your ideas may come to fruition. ;)

Here's the rundown for June:

  • July 8th - Xxgreenbunnyxx's birthday. Wish him a happy birthday on his talk page!
  • July 11th - Mathetesalexandrou's birthday. Wish him a happy birthday on his talk page!
  • July 16th - 22nd - Fanon Survey Week. Like last month, we've got another Fanon Survey Week coming up. This is where anyone who wishes to volunteer spends a week patrolling and cleaning up fanon articles to ensure our fanon namespace is of high quality!
  • July 21st - 22nd - Chat Weekend! Feel free to drop into the on-wiki chatroom and chat with your fellow Simmers!

Like I said, pretty dreary month in terms of events. I've relisted the Chat weekend as the feature seems to have died completely and we may as well try to generate some interest in it. Fanon Survey Week is back to try and clean things up in the fanon namespace. Hopefully next month will be more lively, it is summer after all. ;)

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Lost Labyrinth Flag united kingdom england (c)(b) 17:11, July 3, 2012 (UTC)