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With the absence of the Newsletter this month, I figured that I may as well deliver the news in some form. A large chunk of this blog is regarding Wikia's incoming MediaWiki update.

Main news

MediaWiki update

As you may have seen via a global notification, Wikia are preparing an update to the MediaWiki software as said in a this community central blog[1], where you can see what changes they are bringing to Wikia.

The reason I've gone and mentioned this in a local blog is due to the last MediaWiki update causing problems with operating the wiki such as outages, the inability to use administrator tools and more. I would like to assure the community that these bugs are normal and nothing to worry about.

MediaWiki is basically the software that powers the wiki; it's like it's operating system - the wiki won't function without it. Like operating systems, MediaWiki is updated over time and Wikia update their iterations whenever they feel the need to do so. Special:Version will say which version of MediaWiki is being run by The Sims Wiki; Wikia are updating the global MediaWiki profile to 1.19.

As a wiki we shall try to run things as normal as possible and we would like to thank everyone for their patience.


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