Project of the Month - July 2014
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Remember these? Well I've decided to resurrect this completely out of the blue without anybody knowing.

Just to remind people how a PotM works, it's entirely voluntary and it aims to target a specific problem on the wiki. Those who wish to get involved can simply leave a comment on this blog expressing their desire to do so, or even just do it without formally volunteering. Volunteers aren't under any obligation to follow through with this but it would be appreciated if you did. Those who sign up and contribute will be recognised either in next month's PotM blog (if we have one) or a news blog. You'll even get a pretty little userbox that I haven't designed yet that you can put on your userpage to show for it. Involvement even looks good for any user rights requests you plan on submitting.

This month's project

In light of the great talk page massacre by Amadeus P. Bawtenstein, we're focusing on image cleanup. There are no shortage of images on The Sims Wiki that are either unused, poor quality, improperly licensed, improperly categorised or improperly named. Our goal is to reduce:

How can I help?

This project will need many volunteers willing to help out. These include:

  • Tagging unused files with {{Delete}} or finding ways to use them in articles.
    • Bawt can tag unused files and notify the user who uploaded an unused file. The bot's tags place these files into Category:Unused files mainly for awareness and to ease mass deletion. The bot has to work against Wikia's *buggy* caching system and won't always be effective, so we'll need volunteers to assist. If you see a file with that category and it's used on an article then please remove the category from the file page so that it isn't accidentally deleted. It will also help if you could tag some of these files with that category to ease maintenance.
    • The bot can only handle 100 files at once. Whilst inconvenient in some ways, it allows for a little leeway in maintaining as we can work on one batch at a time.
  • Finding replacements for poor quality images and tagging those images with the {{Delete}} template.
  • Properly licensing and categorising these files.
  • Categorising these already licensed files.

Goals for this project

I'm not going to set arbitrary or specific goals for this. We have between 500-1000 unused files and uncategorised files (couldn't properly check, modem desynched as I wrote this) and only 31 poor quality images. It would be nice to get each category down to 50% across the board, and we can do that if we all pitch in, but I'm not setting this as a formal goal.

That's all there is to it. Sign up below, ask questions below, suggest future projects below and so on.

I know I said this is July's project but it doesn't hurt to start a week early.

Let's get to work. Lost Labyrinth Flag united kingdom england (c)(b) 23:58, June 23, 2014 (UTC)