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This blog is aimed at notifying users of recent policy amendments to avoid any confusion of their knowledge in a situation which requires them to be considered.

Inactive Administrators Policy

The Inactive Administrators Policy (IAP) has been amended to account for long-term absences. The changes state that if an admin knows they are going to be inactive for 3 months or longer, they should step down and they can regain their rights at any given time. Those who are absent for longer than 3 months who haven't stepped down will lose their flags as if they went inactive without any notice and will have 6 months to regain their flags.

Fanon Cleanup

An amendment to the the creation policies states that {{Fanon-cleanup}} may now be applied by any user as opposed to just administrators. Any user, including the author of a tagged fanon article, may remove the template when they feel it is of satisfactory standard.

Nominating and voting on RfAs

Requests for administratorship now allows for one user to nominate another (self nominations are still allowed) as well as voting. The voting period initially lasts for one week but a nomination can be closed early if consensus is obvious in one way or another. As well as that, multiple nominations at once are still allowed in contrast to RfB.

Lost Labyrinth Flag united kingdom england (c)(b) 18:07, May 20, 2012 (UTC)