Yeah so I'm not here anymore. I feel that I'm probably obliged to explain why given that I've been here for so long, and for what it's worth I have considered retiring for a little while now.

The thing that kept me here on TSW was the community, since I was never really much of a editor. Over time that dwindled and began to shrink and while things might be gradually getting better in the run-up to TS4, it's not enough to keep me around. Plus I don't feel like there's much incentive for me to really do anything given that I've lost a lot of interest in the series over time. My girlfriend plays this game a lot more than I do...let's just leave it at that.

I would do something but I don't want to. Or need to. I've contributed my part and I feel it's time to let newer users in the community to step up and play their part. I have faith that they will do a commendable job and I know of a few users that certainly have potential and I have faith in them, so I'm not worried that my departure will bring the wiki into chaos because I know it won't. Plus I haven't really contributed anything of value in a long time and things are going smoothly enough without me so I'm sure it will continue.

With the above as well as my off-the-internet life commitments and personal aspirations, I've run out of reasons to stick around and while I do, for what it's worth, feel conflicted by my decision, I'm confident that this is the right one.

However, this isn't "goodbye". I'll still lurk on IRC, seeing as I'm running a stats page, a bot and a couple of things for Uncyclopedia, but as a regular user. I'll probably make an edit or two here and there, so at least I'm not changing my password to random characters like I know some do.

Toodles. Lost Labyrinth Flag united kingdom england (c)(b) 20:36, July 30, 2014 (UTC)