So today I stumbled upon The Sims 3 Exchange to find an old friend of ours who is best known for being a permanently banned over-ambitious and over-imaginative irritating liar user. It seems this user has moved on to greener pastures, which includes making worlds for The Sims 3 using the Create a World tool. Today I am going to review one of these worlds I decided to try out for myself.

Task manager world load screen

The initial load screen was in line with the rest of TS3's loads. Looooong...

The world itself was named Task Manager World. The name is...attention grabbing to say the least. Moving onto the load screen, it borrowed the same background as the Sunset Valley load. Like all TS3 loading screens, it was long which was surprising given the 3MB download that it took. Then again TS3 is a poorly written game.

Moving onto the world itself, it takes the flatlands-type of landscape, which does allow for more buildings to be placed in the future. Outside of that the world consists of a short, street-length road which is house building-ready. Aside from that there is not much room for expansion or exploration. With a groovy name like this I really wanted to enjoy exploring the Windows NT-based origins but with just a road, the average Simmer would feel disappointed.
Task manager world town mode

Wide open spaces.


Task Manager World would be a great entry to the Guinness Book of World Records for funniest town because it has no substance. One can't blame Sims for not wanting to be here unless they wanted to be a part of The Sims Social's restrictiveness, and even that is more open.

  • Small download size
  • Impossible not to laugh
  • Lifeless
  • No room to expand
  • Confusing name
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