I'm sure you've all seen the 20 minute clip by now. And I'm sure you've all heard what's there and what isn't. So how do I feel about it? Well, I actually feel kind of ambivalent about this game.

The new mood system seems interesting, especially how there will be interactions to tie in with how a Sim feels. The gallery is also a much nicer touch than the horrible content system from TS3 and I feel the build tools are more robust this time around.

Now for the negatives: the load screens are unfortunate but inevitable (I'm still sure that TS4 runs on a modded version of SimCity's engine). The lack of content for the £50 asking price is also a major quarrel. I feel kind of cheated by paying full price for Titanfall yet TS4 feels like it's taking it to another level.

The graphics look awful. Yes I'm serious. I know this is beta footage but Sims looked better in CAS in TS3 too. In-game, they looked pretty bad and the textures look horrendous. And before someone's all "it's meant to look cartoony" on me, please be aware you can do modern graphical effects like volumetric lighting and dynamic shadows while keeping a game looking light-hearted and keeping it performing well. TS4 fails at just that.

Ultimately while the stuff that actually has been refined is better, there's not all that much that has changed. I think the biggest sticking point will be the lack of content and removal of stuff that existed in prior iterations of the game. Especially given the asking price. As long as people keep buying into this, the longer that EA are going to keep it up. You want to make a stand? Do so with both your money and your common sense and simply don't buy the game.

Personally, I think this game looks boring. I'm definitely not buying it on day one, if at all. TS3 still feels fresh enough, even though I don't play it that often, to enjoy barring the bugs. TS2 UC has rekindled my interest in TS2. You can paint a cracked wall but it won't fix anything.

How do you feel about the game? Please share your thoughts in the comments as I'm really interested in the standpoint of others on this and whether or not you're actually going to buy it.

Well Origin, looks like I'll only need you to play SimCity or Titanfall for a little while longer. Lost Labyrinth Flag united kingdom england (c)(b) 00:34, July 22, 2014 (UTC)