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Week of July 10, 2014

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The Sims news

  • The Sims 4 got a Create-a-Sim demo that's currently invite only but will be rolled out to everybody later this summer.
    • The system requirements for the demo were announced. While they're only representative of the demo, the full game shouldn't steer too far away from these. Players on Windows XP, a 32-bit OS and/or DirectX 9 GPUs will be pleased to know they're still supported.
  • Maxis explained why TS4 won't include pools and toddlers.
  • Those with AMD GPUs that are part of the GCN architecture will be happy to know that TS4 supports Mantle, based on EA's partnership with AMD. This should mean that in-game performance will be improved on the appropriate AMD GPUs as opposed to the Nvidia or Intel equivalents.

Wiki news

  • We have many active community discussions in progress. Please stop on by and have your say in the future of The Sims Wiki.
  • Our Project of the Month for July to cleanup files is still ongoing. We're doing good but we've still got ways to go (also Wikia's caching ain't helping). Those who take part will be recognised in a news blog and will get a pretty userbox to go with it, so it's worth taking part.
  • Enjoy editing The Sims Wiki? Think you could possibly do more for the wiki than you can with your current toolset? Why not consider putting yourself forward for rollback, chat moderator, IRC chanop, administrator or bureaucrat rights respectively? Feel free to read our article on user rights to gain an understanding of what these rights are and how they work.


I had trouble coming up with a poll question this week. I could retread common ground with the "Are you still buying TS4?" question we had 2 weeks ago, but what's the point? So I decided to revisit another touchy subject for the series in the form of social interaction with other players. Some liked the SimPort feature from Showtime, others want the game to be a strictly personal experience. So in an act of desperation, I leave you with the question:

How do you feel about social interaction with other players in The Sims series?

The poll was created at 17:06 on July 10, 2014, and so far 170 people voted.

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