This blog isn't intended to represent the opinions of any users on The Sims Wiki other than myself or TSW in its entirety. Even if it does, this is worth putting out.

Did you enjoy having your game getting California Gurls'd up? Me neither. Can't wait for the sequel, starring One Direction. Oh what about EA being 100% digital? I use Steam. Steam isn't invasive and I can actually play my game offline. And lest we forget that disastrous launch of SimCity which is taking the internet by storm and whereas a similar issue happened with Diablo 3, at least they offered refunds to those affected. EA didn't.

So why do I think all of this stuff recently attributed to EA is going to bite The Sims series? Well put it this way: EA call the shots. The recycling of existing expansions combined with "hurr let's use Katy Perry for yet another cash grab" and impractical DRM solutions are eventually going to play a role in what structures the long term evolution of The Sims.

I am confident there will be entries beyond the TS3-era. Just take a look at the PC chart. The Sims 3 occupies four of the top ten spots on that chart. Now that they have their money, they can easily get more. But are EA's prospects practical?

No they aren't. Little Timmy wanted The Sims 500 for Christmas but he couldn't get it because his grandmother doesn't quite know how to work Origin, yet a few Christmases a go he got TS3 from his grandmother in a jewel case. But wait, Timmy has dial-up? Oh dear. This is not going to fare well. I guess he'll have to play The Sims 4 instead. Wait, EA closed the servers? But his saves were on there. Now he can't do anything because of always-on DRM. And the One Direction expansion isn't too flattering either.

As sarcastic as this blog seems, I believe The Sims is on its way down in quality and attractiveness. Arguably TS3 is the beginning of the end and I can say that considering the game is made for toasters, it runs terrible. Poor Timmy got his new PC last week and it can max Crysis 3 but TS3 lags. And the gameplay feels shallow too. I guess Timmy and EA aren't on good terms. Soon, nobody will be playing.

As a wiki, what choice do we have other than to grow with the series? If our mission is to provide a one-stop database with everything anyone would need to know about The Sims series then I'm sure no always-on DRM solutions will hinder that. But if nobody is playing then how would the wiki grow? Sure there will be lifelong fans who'll probably be here to stand the test of time but as I said, TSW has no choice but to grow with the series.

So what do you think? Is TS3 the beginning of the end? Feel free to comment and whatnot, even if you do disagree with my views as I'm interested in what everyone thinks.

Ciao! Lost Labyrinth Flag united kingdom england (c)(b) 23:04, March 7, 2013 (UTC)