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Wikia Chat is now activated!

Wikia Chat is now avaliable on a trial basis!

Hi there Sims Wikians!

After much anticipation, the Wikia Chat feature has finally been activated on The Sims Wiki. You can access the feature here, but you must have an account to be able to use it. If you don't have an account, why not create one today to enjoy Chat plus other additional benefits.

The feature is on a 2 week trial period. Feel free to comment your opinions here and watch the Community Portal for an upcoming vote to decide whether to keep the feature or not.

The IRC channel will still be in use during this trial period. You don't need an account to access the IRC channel and it will likely be as populated as it was before we activated the Chat feature.

Happy Chatting!

Lost Labyrinth Flag united kingdom england (c)(b) 21:37, June 30, 2011 (UTC)

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