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Continued: Cycl0n3 Sw0rd a.k.a. Cyrus Parks

Naomi Parks and Cyrus haven't got married yet but Naomi gave birth! They had twin girls, I didn't make my sim eat watermelons but before she had the twins she watched the KidZ Zone channel. Their names are Gwen and Opal, but I later changed Opals name, I renamed her Shay. They have a day or two before becoming toddlers. Gwens traits are: Loner and Artisic( She didn't inherit any traits from either of the parents), and Shay/Oals traits are: Geinus and Clumsy (She inherited the Geinus trait from Cyrus, her father). When the twins are 3 days away from being children, I am gonna get Naomi pregnant again. One of her goals is to have a boy so I'm gonna make her eat apples. So, yea! Thanx for reading!

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