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  • I live in Small country in Central Europe
  • I was born on September 24
  • I am male
  • Majo.mraz.9

    Here we have new render from The Sims 4 again . For first time we can see how will Baby look in The Sims 4.

    New video from the sims 4:

    And here are some other new renders:

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  • Majo.mraz.9

    We have there a new informations about The Sims 4

    I will give there three:

    • Loading screen between two Neighborhoods won´t be 30 minutes but 30 SECONDS!!!
    • Game have AUTOSAVE!!!
    • Caliente Sisters will be in The Sims 4!!!
    • go there for more informations
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  • Majo.mraz.9

    Wikia problems

    June 13, 2014 by Majo.mraz.9

    Before while I had no pictures on wikia !!! I couldn´t edit,create a new page,blog ,log out or anythink!!!!!!!! I know whats the problem , to today was announced solar eruption ,and it can destroy some satelites,internet could work bad and mobiles ,televisions too . I think thats the reason .

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  • Majo.mraz.9
    • Confirmed that TS4 won´t be set on storilne of TS1 ,TS2 and TS4 ,but it will be somethink like parallel universe ,so there can be families from different storylines!!!
    • In game wont be Olive Specter and Specter family but in final game will be Goth family
    • In family you can have maximal 8 members like in TS3
    • Sims can die to emotions ,but it won´t be a lot of time, it won´t be that you said one joke and Sim will die
    • Sim can do WooHoo on more places that in TS3
    • Sim won´t can sit on chairs and sofa like on renders
    • In game is (to now) just only world Willow Creek ; world without ocean and inspired by New Orleans
    • Newborn babies will have legs and foots
    • That old woman from E3 video Gladys will be playable in game
    • Andre (that boy in yellow t-shirt with tato…
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  • Majo.mraz.9

    Goth family is here from The Sims and they were in every part of Sims. And now we can see how they will looks in The Sims 4

    I just now found this photo of Morimer and Bella Goth and need show it to you. I don´t now if is it final version of Goth family but we will know that after one week in Wednesday in new video of Sims 4.Im so excited because Im very big fan of Goths so hereis it .

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