SimGurus were reacting to answers of Sims fans and there are few informations from it:

  • Confirmed that TS4 won´t be set on storilne of TS1 ,TS2 and TS4 ,but it will be somethink like parallel universe ,so there can be families from different storylines!!!
  • In game wont be Olive Specter and Specter family but in final game will be Goth family
  • In family you can have maximal 8 members like in TS3
  • Sims can die to emotions ,but it won´t be a lot of time, it won´t be that you said one joke and Sim will die
  • Sim can do WooHoo on more places that in TS3
  • Sim won´t can sit on chairs and sofa like on renders
  • In game is (to now) just only world Willow Creek ; world without ocean and inspired by New Orleans
  • Newborn babies will have legs and foots
  • That old woman from E3 video Gladys will be playable in game
  • Andre (that boy in yellow t-shirt with tatoos) will be playable in game

I took this informations from blog post of Czech game-player Definitely Sims 3 lover because I wasn´t looking to original in English. If you want to see blog post of Defi go there: but its in Czech language.