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    Remember this? It happens again, but now, it doesn't occur if you don't click on anything, but if you do, prepare for a crash. So, don't click on anything and go play the game! This is all I wanted to say.

    Edit: It will crash even without doing anything. Use the guide from this blog to avoid it. 

    Mate1234 (Chatterbox...)

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  • Mate1234


    August 31, 2013 by Mate1234

    Hello everyone!! I found something that will shock you:

    Name Relationship points Relationship level Relationship type Mutual?
    Annie Hogleg 20/20 Acquitance Family, grandchild Yes!
    Buzz Grunt 20/20 Acquitance Family, grandparent Yes!
    Strangetown Bella Goth 43/7 Acquitance Not defined Yes!
    Creon Nigmos 21/1 Acquitance Not defined Yes!
    Earl E. Demise 12/18 Acquitance Not defined Yes!
    Glarn Curious 20/20 Acquitance Family, child Yes!
    Hamm Hogleg 20/20 Acquitance Family, grandchild Yes!
    Hugh Thanasia 31/18 Acquitance Not defined Yes!
    Ichabod Specter 42/15 Acquitance Not defined Yes!
    Jenny Smith 43/25 Acquitance Family, sister Not!
    Jill Smith 0/0 Just met Family, niece Yes!
    Johnny Smith 0/0 Just met Family, nephew Yes!
    Kitty Curious 20/20 Acquitance Family, c…

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  • Mate1234

    Waterside recreation

    July 16, 2013 by Mate1234

    Hey everyone, I have decided to recreate Waterside since GPKman didn´t. I have already created template, and now I have to add lots and families. However, some lots are from Lots and Houses bin, but they have to be furnished. I have started this blog to inform you about my work on Waterside and created families. I will prbably look in Text Lists in SimPe to find premade names for Waterside occupants. (It will require Nightlife and Open For Business only.) Mate1234 (talk) 10:09, July 16, 2013 (UTC)

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