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  • Mathetesalexandrou

    Salutations to you, readers. Mathetes tou Alexandrou once again presents this week's issue of Sim's Pen.

    Fanon Battles need love

    Fanon Battles are dying, as battles usually end in 2-0 or 1-0, while nomination pool has seen times where it's been empty to the point where k6ka must add an unannounced battle to keep it in place. Please imbue Fanon battle with life by providing nominations and voting on the actual battles.

    Want your fanon to appear on this list? Please nominate it! We are always looking for excellent fan fictions to feature here!


    A prolific adventurer, Savannah is a member of the author's main family, known for its artistic talents. Savannah is not an outlier, given Savannah's success as a writer which is enhanced by her experie…

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  • Mathetesalexandrou

    Hello The Sims Wiki! Mathetes tou Alexandrou obliges with this week's issue of Sim's Pen.

    No particular big news come into mind as sifting through nearly 1500 sims and 168 fan fiction is quite an intensive task. However, the male-to-female ratio in the pool of the fanon sims has actually grown slightly more imbalanced towards the females, going up from 1.1578 female sims per 1 male sim to 1.1743 female sims per 1 male sim and ending the downward trend of female sims per male sims. Cancer still remains the most popular sign, this time widening the gap between it and the second most popular sign Aries by 2 more sims, from the previous gap of a nominal size of 3 sims. The last spot on the fist quartile is contested, as both Virgo and Libra hav…

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  • Mathetesalexandrou

    Ever since around July 30th 2014, Featured Fanon and Fan Fiction were discontinued due to lack of input and failure on my part to update it. While this is purely personal opinion, my opinion is that the interest in fanon has declined significantly. In an attempt to rekindle some interest in the fanon readership, I'd like to lead the effort by looking for some constructive criticism towards my works as to help me better renovate my fanon works.
    Secondly, I also want to commend regular users who take the time and effort to frequently build on their fanon. Such users include , , . Keep up the good work, folks!

    Insane characters are fun. Insane nerdy women are more fun. And as such, I present to you some of the more notable insane engineering wom…

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  • Mathetesalexandrou

    I presume some of the more active contributors are seeing that I am continually being absent, and in truth, real-life commitments are indeed putting me in a bind. However, I am indeed not completely inactive, and I have (while writing this) resumed my CAW work.

    As always, I shall continue to update the featured content sections, although as my few edits to the userpage would indicate, I shall not be able to add significant plot to my fanon for a continued duration.

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  • Mathetesalexandrou

    I'd like to go over some specific elements that might need addressing. I had assumed that the Fanon Battles would be run in a time frame similar to that of the Canon Battles, although for some reason I believe that such assumption is a bit too much, and I'd like to have any inputs on the time frames in which the Fanon Battles should be held (e.g. for a week)

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