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Continuing the Fanon Battle

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Although the fanon battle gathered some attention, especially with a relatively active participation in the first three-way battle, It seems like the level of attention given to fanon battles ebbed very quickly, ever since the lack of actions in and after the lifespan of the Dortheimers vs Saints battle.

Given that the said battle ended well over a month, I ended up independently starting the next battle, the Nadia Saint vs Nadia Villainebattle, which became a debacle.

However, there is also a more pressing issue regarding the continuation of Fanon battles: specifically the lack of nomination and votes: In my opinion, this is given due to the relative differences and thus a difficulty finding similar fanons to compare. I for one had interest in pitting several of my fanons with those of other volunteers, but had difficulty finding a suitable opponent given 1)different era (Sims 3 era Fanon Sims vs Sims 2 era Fanon Sims, which was particularly the case when looking at say fanons of AsherEire) 2)Lack of comparable plotlines (it would be absurd for me to pit say Astrid with Kallisto, or Hypatia with Queen Jane given the relative lack of conspicuously similar elements). If you have any opinions regarding this, please comment.

What is your opinion?

Regarding the Nadia Saint vs Nadia Villaine battle

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Regarding the Fanon Battle itself

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