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5 Apr 2015

Hello The Sims Wiki! Mathetes tou Alexandrou obliges with this week's issue of Sim's Pen.

Fanon news

No particular big news come into mind as sifting through nearly 1500 sims and 168 fan fiction is quite an intensive task. However, the male-to-female ratio in the pool of the fanon sims has actually grown slightly more imbalanced towards the females, going up from 1.1578 female sims per 1 male sim to 1.1743 female sims per 1 male sim and ending the downward trend of female sims per male sims. Cancer still remains the most popular sign, this time widening the gap between it and the second most popular sign Aries by 2 more sims, from the previous gap of a nominal size of 3 sims. The last spot on the fist quartile is contested, as both Virgo and Libra have 111 Sims each. However, the lower quartile is shared by Taurus, Capricorn (the current least popular one, again), and Sagittarius, all three perennial underdogs.


Want your fanon to appear on this list? Please nominate it! We are always looking for excellent fan fictions to feature here!

Moira Sword by Breira

An effective loner with a thirst for knowledge and power, Moira Sword started out a mad scientist material. However, instead by flat-out being a mad scientist, Moira became enamoured with supernatural powers, and juggle both the supernatural and scientific knowledge like those belonging to an organizationwritten by this issue's author. While not as celibate as this issue's author's character, Moira certainly cements herself as a fine sim in the Fanon Namespace alongside the likes of Nova Watson.


Which "mad scientist" archetype Sim is your favorite?

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And thus concludes another uneventful episode of Sim's Pen, written by MILK FOR THE UNYUUFEX, FLAT CHEST FOR THE CUTENESS THRONE, SKULLS FOR THE SKULL PROBES (user talk:Mathetesalexandrou) 23:57, April 4, 2015 (UTC)

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