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February 1, 2015

Fanon News

Ever since around July 30th 2014, Featured Fanon and Fan Fiction were discontinued due to lack of input and failure on my part to update it. While this is purely personal opinion, my opinion is that the interest in fanon has declined significantly. In an attempt to rekindle some interest in the fanon readership, I'd like to lead the effort by looking for some constructive criticism towards my works as to help me better renovate my fanon works.
Secondly, I also want to commend regular users who take the time and effort to frequently build on their fanon. Such users include Imasexysimlover, Ariel Baron, Chunkyheels. Keep up the good work, folks!


Insane characters are fun. Insane nerdy women are more fun. And as such, I present to you some of the more notable insane engineering women in the Fanon namespace! Ignore the lack of originality demonstrated by them being the contestants of the first Fanon Battle

Nova Watson and her story The Fall of Twinbrook

Nova is the quirky nerd character, whose goal is supposedly world domination. Nova has proven to be quite the engineer and scientist as well as a power-hungry woman, willing to use science to create potions and simbots as well as the supernatural such as the genie to advance her aims. The Fall of Twinbrook stars Nova, featuring her misadventures and experiments that causes quite the ruckus in the formerly quiet neighborhood. You want to see conflicts with the law? Crazy experiments? You got it here at The Fall of Twinbrook.

Pélagie Horsepurple

Pélagie was but an introverted girl, only to turn insane after a disaster fell upon her brother Lucas. Turning into an isolationist similar to Ieyasu or Heungseon Daewongun but in a personal level, Pélagie goes to become a bit of an isolationist, becoming a complete shutout later on, only to meet a tragic end in front of her similarly insane but much more malignant daughter.

Kallisto Syrakosia

The Sim who is a leading contender for having the longest page, Kallisto is the primary founder of an alternative way of life in Time Paradox. Kallisto is also insane, but Kallisto isn't as random as Kallisto is unorthodox. Like Pélagie above, Kallisto was also an isolationist, but instead of turning more isolationist, Kallisto becomes a prophet of a new world order based on the elimination of romance and WooHoo, Kallisto et al are the crusaders, the legion of salvation for the nerds. Big 6 are the center, the death of the sun, fire and flame, they are one. While Kallisto herself looks fine, unfortunately the fan fiction she's a part of is sadly currently at the state that k6ka mentions in his Sim's Pen article at January 4th, written in a fashion to have most reader bang their head against the wall, and hence the request for constructive criticism.


What is your favorite character archetype?

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