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Top 20 Longest Fanon Articles (not series)

Top 20 Longest Fanon Articles (not series) as of May 25, 2012

1: SimFormula (Andronikos Leventis)

2: Time Paradox (Yours truly)

3: Spectral (Madi23)

4: Kallisto Syrakosia (Yours truly)

5: New Homeland (Yours truly)

6: Ecclesiarchy (Yours truly)

7: The De Crypt Family (Sims2Addict9312)

8: Look at My Sword! (DanPin)

9: The Diner Guy (GeorgieGibbons)

10: Mysteries of Twinbrook (JM9193)

11: Kallistrata Pellaia (Yours truly)

12: A Nightmare on Oak Grove Road (BobNewbie)

13: Plumbbobs and Prejudice Main Page (multiple, Duskey)

14-15: Plumbbobs and Prejudice Act 1&2 (multiple)

16: Stratonike Attalida (Yours truly)

17: The Case of the Gunshot Wounds (DanPin)

18: My Little Plumbbob (Woganhemlock)

19: Spectral Part 2 (Madi23)

20: An Island's Story (Vss2eip)